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Bulk SMS Services At Lowest Price Guaranteed!

The ways of writing your USERNAME in the area for “Depositor Name” on the deposit slip of ZENITH or GTBank when you are making deposit for Bulk SMS

As the name of the depositor, you will write your USERNAME and BB while filling the contents of the deposit slip for Bulk SMS services. For example, you can assume that your username on our website is ADELOVE and so you will have to write the depositor name as BB ADELOVE. When the payment for the Bulk SMS service is received, the account with the username ADELOVE will be accepted.


Tips for avoiding delivery problems

1) For typing phone numbers, never use “Microsoft Excel”. You can use NOTEPAD.

2) For typing phone numbers and messages, never use “Microsoft Word”. They can be typed directly on the “COMPOSE SMS” page or on NOTEPAD.


Locating NOTEPAD on your Laptop or Computer

1) Take your cursor on START

2) Then click on ALL PROGRAMS and pause

3) Then again take the cursor on ACCESSORIES and pause again

4) Then find NOTEPAD and finally click on it


Saving numbers on NOTEPAD

1) After you open a page of NOTEPAD, copy all the numbers from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word and get it pasted on the NOTEPAD page.

2) Then take the cursor on “FILE” and then “SAVE AS” has to be selected.

3) Give a file name in the area for “FILE NAME” and take the cursor on SAVE for saving the numbers as your NOTEPAD file.


Methods of sending Bulk SMS on our low priced Bulk SMS website

The content of this section will provide detailed information and will be a guideline for the people who wish to grasp the methods of sending bulk SMS and how to avail our bulk SMS services.

Several phone calls and messages have been received by us who have expressed their concerns for learning how to send text messages to various recipients by making just a single click. This process is really very interesting.

For communication purposes, bulk SMS service is an outstanding tool in Nigeria and even in other countries all over the world. By bulk SMS services, you will have to spend less on each page of text messages and also the sender identification can be customized by you.

Firstly, the major fields are explained by us which are needed for sending bulk SMS. The following fields require to be filled by most websites offering bulk SMS services.

1) Sender Identification box – This portion represents what each recipient view on their phones when the messages are delivered to their phones. The company name or the personal name can be used on your general GSM number as sender identification but the ID should not be longer than eleven characters.

2) Recipient Box – This is the place where the telephone number of the recipient is pasted or typed which you wish to send SMS to. “COMMA” must be used if SMS is sent to more than one recipient for separating the numbers.

3) Message Box – This is the area where the exact message has to be pasted or typed which you wish to send to the recipients.


Imperative information

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word are not considered as Joomla friendly. Hence, both the numbers of the recipients’ has to be typed or else NOTEPAD can be used for typing everything. Then they have to be copied and pasted in the exact box.


The need of the following steps for sending Bulk SMS:

1) On this website, register for a bulk SMS account which will be free.

2) Log into the newly created account with your password and username

3) For testing the bulk SMS services, use the free SMS in the new account and send a page of message to your very own GSM numbers

4) After you are satisfied, purchase bulk SMS in huge quantity which will depend on the volume required. After that, log out and make the payment for the quantity selected.

5) After the account is accepted, log into your account with the PASSWORD and USERNAME and then take the cursor on “COMPOSE SMS”.

6) The sender ID has to be entered which has to be less than eleven characters. Also the recipient’s number has to be pasted in the area for recipient. After this, compose message and send.

7) Then take the cursor on “SEND” and to all the recipients’ messages will be delivered which will take few seconds.

There is an automated time out session of 15 minutes for the “COMPOSE SMS” page.


The harsh truth

The prices that are offered on this web portal are the least which can be afforded without decreasing the standard of the service when it comes to delivery speed and rate. Service providers of United Kingdom gateway are used which are known to be very expensive service providers and very dependable all over the world. Hence, we provide you the most low priced bulk SMS messages in Nigeria on the fastest bulk SMS gateway at the cost of our profit margins.

Everything possible was done by Derams and Realities for offering such low priced bulk SMS on the range of the quantities. We believe in the addition of tokens as the profit margins for offering cheap SMS prices for the numerous users in Nigeria. The bulk SMS service provided by us is outstanding. Those who are already using our services are extremely happy with us and will surely let other people know. We will always be offering this type of SMS service with 100% delivery rate and also the delivery speed is extremely fast and we expect that you will be referring our services to your friends, family and relatives.


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